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Caledonia Flies Seducer Sooty Olive Sedge #12 Fishing Fly

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Caledonia Flies
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Seducer Sooty Olive Sedge #12

Seducer Sooty Olive Sedge #12 Sedge or Caddis Fly Fishing Techniques

Because caddis (also known as sedges) are seen skating in bursts across waters we should do the same with our Seducer Sooty Olive Sedge #12. Cast single Seducer Sooty Olive Sedge #12 using tapered leaders and twitch retrieve, pull it 12 inches then stop, makes the Seducer Sooty Olive Sedge #12 mimics the natural caddis. Another deadly alternative is to suspend buzzers or diawl bach flies below the Seducer Sooty Olive Sedge #12 as they are highly buoyant, we call the the banker rigs as it is so deadly. With Banker rig the suspended flies will slowly sink back into a vertical position on the droppers, allow time for this to happen. Check out our rigs and techniques blog post for more details and backgrounder to these superb flies. Seducer Sooty Olive Sedge #12 will work well Mid April to Mid October and Seducer Sooty Olive Sedge #12 will be deadly in July to mid September when caddis are very prevalent.

The Seducer Sooty Olive Sedge #12 comes on a Barbed hook

The Seducer Sooty Olive Sedge #12 is manufactured by Caledonia Fly Company known for quality flies and workmanship.

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1 Review:

broonies love em
11 July 2022  | 

Cant believe how good this fly is, 7 5lb plus broonies all within 3 hrs first fly absolutely destroyed. The best bar none top of the water fly i have used, need to get more before they are gone.

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