Boat Drogues

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Wychwood Drogue Clamps

Wychwood Drogue Clamps£13.99

Wychwood Packaway International Para-Drogue

Wychwood Packaway International Para-Drogue£34.99


Why Use A Boat Drogue For Fly Fishing?

A fly fishing boat drogue can help reduce drift on a lake or reservoir. Simply clipped to the boat this acts as a large drag to stop the wind purching your boat too quickly helping you keep the boat at a steady drift. Using a drogue on a boat slows the drift down so that the boat is not blow across the durface ahead of the flies and flylines cast ahead of the drift.

A Boat Drogue has advantages over an anchor

  • with reduced noise compared to chains on anchors
  • they will ensure your boat turns so as to face into or away from the waves
  • Reduce surface drift speed
  • Use two G-clamps so you can alter the position on the side of the boat to stop it yawing

Take Care With Boat Drogues

You must take care when using boat drogues, if the wind is high then think safety, should you be fishing on a boat at all today, would you be better fishing from the bank?


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