Whiting Necks & Whiting Saddles - Understanding the Colors Of Fly Tying Feathers

Fly Tying Whiting Saddle & Whiting Neck Colours

When first starting fly tying we often can get confused over the colours, yes black is easy, what is cree, furnace saddle and many of the other colours that are mentioned in many of the fly tying books? Whiting saddles and Whiting necks produced by the Whiting Farms company like Metz produce stunning fly tying capes.

The colour chart below should help for those new into fly tying understanding the colours of "chicken feathers!" that we tie flies with. Demand for fly tying capes, fly tying necks and fly tying saddles is at an all time high due to the fashion in 2011 of using feathers in ladies hair! Grizzle saddles and necks are in limited supply. We are lucky to have limited numbers of Furnace Saddles, and Furnace half saddles, Bronze half saddles, Dyed grizzly golden olive saddles and some stunning dyed grizzly necks. However there is no doubt that for fly tyers there are going to be extremely limited supplies of fly tying capes, fly tying necks and fly tying saddles

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