Urban Fishing: The Best Spots

When you have got your trout flies sorted for the winter make sure you check out some of the country’s less loved spots.

If you are a fishing fanatic but based in a city and think you can only get your kicks when you head out of the big smoke for the weekend, think again as urban fishing is a recent trend.

Much like wild swimming, many urbanistas want to being the best of the country to their doorstep, so check out some of these areas.

Richmond Park

Head to West London for some carp fishing. Carp in in fact native to the Thames and particularly like west London where the river Thames gets wider. However, in this park you can try your luck in one of the ponds.

Clapham Ponds

Again, another opportunity for pond fishing. It is considered great for beginners and you can catch fish up to 20lbs. Head here if you are new to fishing or want to induct a friend into this past time.

Sale Canal

Manchester based anglers may already know about fishing opportunities on Sale canal. The fisher men have been lining the canal near the University boat house for many years. Just 30 years ago it was one of the most  polluted rivers in the UK, but a major clean up operation now has it teaming with fish.

The Guardian Newspaper is currently collating images of some of the most ‘unloved’ rivers in the country, so make sure you send in your favoured, but unloved urban fishing spots. 

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