Semperfli Lever Vise - True Rotary

Thursday, 5 January 2012  |  Admin

Semperfli Lever Rotary Vice

We wanted a fly vice that was quicker to use at shows and exhibitions and there is no doubt that lever vices are in-vogue and far easier to use. With a simple flick of the lever our hook is in the vice. The Semperfli team worked with their manufacturer to develop this super lever vice with solid metal knobs and a rapid lever to clamp the hooks. As a true rotary the fly tying vise allows us to rotate our flies and work top and bottom as required.

    hardened stainless steel vice head suitable for large to micro hooks size 24!
    Vice height extender
    C Clamp
    Heavy Desk Pedestal
    Material clamp
    Waste bag with attachment
    Leatherette storage bag


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The Essential Fly Fishing Shop
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