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Fly fishing and tying are recognised as great ways to relax.  If you are able to get out fishing, we hope you will have some memorable trips. 
Perhaps you will be able to tie up some fabulous flies for next year? 
Winter Reading Downloads
Maybe, you could find some time to sit and read some fantastic fly fishing guides?  A great way of taking some time out and chilling.

To that end, we would love to share with you our very popular fly fishing reading e-guides that are full of valuable information and available instantly for download to your computer on ordering. These are great value and full of great advice.

Please note we do not send out hard copies of these.  They are available instantly to you once ordered and you can print them off if you wish or read them on your computer. 
E-Guide Download Process
1. Visit our website
2. Click Log/Sign In

On the top right of any page of the website you will see the search bar and under this there are the following options:
Fishing Basket / Wish List / New Registration / Log/Sign In
3. You will see 3 options available
Personal Information / Event Reminders / Order Information
4. Click on Order information
  • All of your orders will be displayed
  • Select the order on which your eGuide was ordered
  • You will see details of the entire order
5. Under the E-Guide you will see a link to download
6. Click on the download button
7. Save the document onto your device
8. Print if you desire

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