Inspirational fly fishing story

This kind and inspirational Essential Fly customer shared this wonderful story with us and has given us permission to share it with you.  These are her exact words - we hope you enjoy it.

Im a single parent with one little boy, I cant do many sporting activities with him so at 41 years of age I learnt to fish and Ive never looked back

Ive had some very very memorable days, not always because the fish were big or even just because they were beautifull but for a selection of other reasons.  The one I will never forget until the day I pop my clogs goes like this.

It wasnt just a day it took me months to prepare for this one.  Small child, minimal fishing experience but loved it, 10 tears old watching Matt Hayes on telly catching big trout on the fly. Says to his mother "Id really love to do that, Mum, it looks awesome" (fatal words)

Took him for a couple of casting lessons, took him fly fishing, easy to catch lakes and he's started catching, take him to harder to catch lakes - and he starts catching, make him fish the Brennig- he catches, take him somewhere with bigger trout to practice on and he gets it and catches.

I bought a caravan and drag him around the country a few times to practice then its time - he's as ready for the big one as he's going to be.

Ive packed the caravan, the rods, the dog, the flies and were going for it. I took him to have alook at the place and met the Gent that ran it, a good bloke, told me he was stocking it Friday so it wasnt worth fishing till Saturday and to come back then.

Booked the caravan pitch for an extra night and set off at 6 to get there for when the gates opened.

Thought we'd be first there and that it would be quiet and no one would see me the silly woman, single parent like an idiot bring a kid to try to fish with the grown ups, got that wrong didnt I.  I could have died, 6 cars all with at least two men in and they meant buisiness, serious trout anglers, British Team trout anglers and there I am with my daft girly 9'6" fly rod and my baby boy and I just know Im going to look like a twerp. It was my sons dream and Id fought for months and months and spent all my money trying to make his dream a reality and we were going to get battered by the big boys and I just wanted the ground to swallow me up.

We were there and we would fish, it was £80.00 for 4 hours and 4 fish, the owner had given Connor some flies to fish with and I had two of everything just in case. The big boys are further up the lake and going for it big time, we were in a corner out of the way, Id asked if I hooked into one if I could give it to the lad an the owner said it was fine, casting casting casting, not much happening, changing flies, nothing happening, trying everything in my limited knowledge and still nothing, Connors going for gold and casting like a nutter scaring everything within 100 yards, two hours in not a knock and the little fellas exhausted and on the verge of tears, I could have cried for him. Last resport, one of my home made silly looking weird flies on the line, cast in and bang- it nearly took my rod, half strike to make sure that hook was in and gave it to the lad, it ran and ran and ran, he came up trumps and landed it like a proffesional.

I cant describe the relief I felt when that fish hit the bottom of the net, I was beyond words, he got another one and a round of applause of the proper fishermen and the owner didnt charge us a penny.

It was a mission impossible but we made it and to that child I was a hero, it might never happen again, he's on the verge of being a teenager and Im just a grumpy old Mum now but for that one day I was the best Mum in the world (in his eyes at least) and thats all that mattered.

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