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What is a Game Fish?

Game fish are fish pursued for sport by recreational fly fishermen. They can be freshwater or saltwater fish. Game fish can be eaten after being caught, though increasingly anglers practice catch and release to improve fish populations. Some game fish are also targeted commercially, particularly salmon. Typically freshwater Game Fish in the UK are classed as fish that have adipose fins which is a small rayless, dorsal fin present in cretain fishes, particularly members of the salmonid family of fishes but also Grayling.

  • In the United Kingdom, "game fish" refers to Salmonids  – that is we go, salmon fly fishing, Sea trout fly fishing, trout fly fishing and fly fishing for char. Other freshwater fish are called coarse fish. Grayling is actually regularly chased for sport by fly fishermen out of trout season on rivers although is does have an adipose fin and should be classed as a true game fish!
  • Fly fishermen are also now targeting other freshwater species that will take a fly including Pike fly fishing, Carp and Chub
  • Saltwater fly fishermen will target sea trout and salmon in estuaries plus sea bass and many other saltwater species.

Adipose Fin Found In UK Freshwater Game Fishes

Sea Trout Adipose Fin

Sea Trout With Adipose Fin

Salmon Adipose Fin

Salmon With Adipose Fin

Grayling Adipose Fin

Grayling With Adipose Fin

Rainbow Trout Adipose Fin

Rainbow Trout With Adipose Fin

Big Game Fishing World-Wide

Big-game fishing, often referred to as offshore sport fishing, offshore game fishing, or blue-water fishing is a form of recreational fishing, targeting large fish renowned for their sporting qualities, such as tuna and marlin.

  • In Japan, recreational angling and fly fishing is also very popular
  • Big game fish can be bony saltwater fish such as tuna, tarpon, and billfish (sailfish, marlin and swordfish).
  • In North America, fly fishermen also for common salmon, trout, bass, pike, catfish, walleye and muskellunge. The smallest fish are called panfish, because they can fit in a normal cooking pan. Examples are crappies, perch, rock bass, bluegill and sunfish. Panfish are often hunted by younger anglers.
  • In Singapore, big game fishing is referred to fishing for stingray and shovelnose shark.

Saltwater Fly Fishing

Game Fishing Flies

Game Fishing Tackle for Sale

Trout & salmon rods, game reels and all game fishing tackle from our store. We have a large range of gear and tackle including game fishing rods; game fishing reels, fly boxes & fly lines. If you cannot find what you want then please give us a ring.  We have expert advice on all types including trout fly fishing, salmon fly fishing, saltwater fly fishing and pike fly fishing. Our team have fished for many species from trout and salmon, big game fish like Marlin and Sailfish and exotic species like the Mahseer.

Game Rods Game Reels Game fly lines game fishing gear

Award Winning Service & Game Fishing Tackle

Our range of fly fishing tackle includes gear and equipment from manufacturers such as Sonik Sports, Wychwood, Cortland, Jarvis Walker and Airflo with many other manufacturers who enable us to supply game rods, game reels to game flylines, leaders for bonefish and all species of fish. Ask our team for specialist advice on game fishing tackle.

Game Reels

In our game reels section your fly fishing needs can be met with game fly reels, corrosion resistant saltwater game reels, and game reels for any species. With a vast range including Snowbee game reels, Sonik Sports game reels or Wychwood game reels we can help satisfy most needs.

Game Rods

In our Game rods department you will find a vast range of rods from the stunning 2 weight River and Stream 12 weight foot fly rods for the Deep Blue capable of taming Tarpon or Bonefish. Single or double handed salmon game rods, switch rods and game rods for every venue from saltwater to tropics. With Sonik Fly Rods, Snowbee Fly rods, Wychwood fly rods here you have a range suitable for every budget and occasion.

Game Fishing Technical Clothing & Luggage

From basic wading boots to breathable waders, socks and wading jackets you will find much of what you need from some great manufacturers of game fishing clothing. Do you get backache stripping lures? try a Lumbar support or if you are on a boat we have some great boat game fishing bags allowing you to store all of your game fly reels, flies and accessories.

Check our pages if you are interested in game fishing gear for specific types of fish species, we have sections for salmon fly fishing, trout fly fishingsaltwater fly fishing and pike fly fishing,

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