Frightful Disastrous Fishing Solutions

Friday, 29 October 2021  |  Sarah

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In life there are many times that can be a little scary, and fly fishing in not exempt (sorry if you were not aware of that before).
There are some things that we can help you with so check out our guide on how to un-snag a fly, accompanied by a video by Rio Products.
We have also included a video again by Rio Products about how to carry on tying your fly when your thread breaks mid fly, and one from Semperfli about their Nano Silk.
Snagging a Fly
DO NOT Jerk or yank to get the hook free. RELAX, Access and make a plan.
Casting to shoreline & Overshoot your target:
Chances are your fly is just resting on grass or branches.
  1. Point rod tip at the fly and slowly tease the fly towards you.
  2. If it looks like the leader has wrapped one loop round a branch; pull the fly close to the branch and give it a quick pop.
  3. Try a slow steady pull without bending the rod.
When fishing a stream and you snag on the bottom:
You cant see what has happened but can figure it out
  1. If you were fulling the fly upstream you need a downstream pull to free it.
  2. Point your rod downstream, and release enough line so the currant takes the line beyond the snag.
  3. Try a couple of short tugs on the line (rod facing downstream line below snag).
We all get snagged from time to time but if you don't know how to break the fly off correctly you could break your fly rod. Here is a tip from Rio Products on how to break off a snagged fly properly.
Shoreline brances, logs or rocks:
A good roll cast should set you free.
  1. Strip line off the reel and lowering rod with tip pointing at the snag.
  2. Smoothly draw rod tip back and to the side until the fly is behind you.
  3. Move rod to upright position and make a brisk forward stroke, stopping the tip high enough that the line unrolls above and beyond the snag.
It is critical to use plenty of fly line and not just the leader.
Log jams and rock snags:
  1. Hold a few feet of line in your hand.
  2. Get to a low position and point rod towards snag.
  3. Start a gentle side-to-side motion whilst raising rod and slipping a little line out.
  4. Make wiggles progressively wider.
Hopelessly stuck:
Option 1: Breaking off.
  1. Poit the tip at the snag.
  2. Safety first! Turn your head away.
  3. Clamp the line under your rod hand.
  4. With a quick jerk and enough force without bending your rod break the leader.
Don't break your rod but you will loose the fly... Sorry!

Option 2: Going to the fly
  1. Resist temptation to stick your rod in trees and bushes
  2. Pull out enough line to ensure your rod can be laid down safely
  3. Reach for the fly with your hand and maneuver it free.
Fly Tying Thread Snapped
In this episode of RIO’s Fly Tying Tips, Brita shows how to save (and continue to tie) a fly when your tying thread breaks in the middle of tying it - something that happens to all fly tiers!
You can always change your thread to something stronger like Semperfli Nano Silk to stop the risk of breakages.

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