Earth's Wildest Waters - The Big Fish

Put down your fly tying hooks for one moment and turn on the TV, there's a new fly fishing programme on the BBC.


Presented by Ben Fogle, Earth's Wildest Waters - The Big Fish will see eight anglers from Britain travel around the world to try and impress fishing legend Matt Hayes and other fishing experts to decide who goes home each week.


In the first episode, they make their way to Iceland where they have to brave extreme temperatures and terrible weather to fish in frozen fjords and catch as many different species as possible, then in their second task to try their hands at commercial fishing and in their final task to fish the largest lake in Iceland Thingvillr.


Speaking to the Daily Express, Fogle explained more about the show, saying that each episode will be completely different to the last since they travel to so many different countries, from Africa to North America.


He went on to say how much he has learned about fly fishing through the TV programme, saying: "Fly fishing is a very beautiful art. You have to get in the mind of the fish and think about where you're going to put the fly on the water. It's like chess and it takes a lot of skill."


It first aired on October 11th so you’ll have missed a couple of episodes if you’ve not heard of the show before, but you will still be able to catch up on BBC iPlayer. If you’re keen to start fly fishing yourself and want to find out more, it might be fun to start your fishing career by watching this show.

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