Fly Fishing Tackle: Sinkers 2

10 July 2015  |  Admin

Having a variety of sizes and styles of sinker in your fly fishing tackle can help you make the most of your fishing outings. With one kind of sinker you can crimp it on the line or allow the line to move through it.  Another kind won’t will not hang up on the bottom as badly due to its shape, which keeps it also from going into cracks in rocks. Shapes and styles are made for a lot of different purposes. The most common include:

    Bell sinker: bell-shaped with a way of attaching the line to the top of the bell, used for fishing below the hook and dragging on the bottom.
    Bullet Weight:  bullet-shaped sinker with a hole through the middle. A good one for for worm fishing for bass.
    Egg sinker: egg-shaped sinker with a hole through it. This one is mainly for fishing in current and deep water.
    Pyramid sinker: pyramid-shaped sinker for digging into soft bottoms of sand or mud to help hold a bait in place in current.
    Split Shot sinker: a round soft lead weight with a gap in it to put over your fishing line. You pinch or crimp it on the line to hold it in place.

Well, that’s our final blog for now on hooks and sinkers, but no doubt we will have more on these items as we explore fly fishing tackle from other angles in the future.