Look Out For Trout This Autumn

Now the autumn equinox has passed we should be sorting out our fly fishing lines and making the most of the dip in the temperatures. 

Large fish will be feeding up to get larger for the winter and late autumn, so even if you don’t have much luck now, stay in there: you may well get lucky later this autumn.

The large amounts of rainfall we have had recently will have dropped the temperature of the rivers and lakes, so consider moving away from using high oil pellets as bait as the cold water can solidify these, making them less attractive.

However, the cooler surface water is more comfortable for trout so they will come to the surface, making them easier to catch.

Leaf fall, which is due soon, will cause potential problems for fly fisherman, looking for a clear place to cast. Use pop-up rigs rather than bottom bait, so your hook stays clear of any leaf debris.

Make sure you are aware of the changing water conditions, for example weeds will have died back and are no longer providing places for trout to eat and rest so be aware that they may have moved on from your normal fishing ground.

Keep an eye out for new fishing grounds to try out due to the changing nature of the stream bed, and make the most of this time of year. After all time spent outside now is challenging, so you want to have something to show for it.

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