Fly Fishing for benefit your Health and Mental Stress

It seems that no matter where you go today, people all over the world are saying the same.  They are tired, stressed and yearn for some ‘time out’.  The health authorities and drug companies are reporting massive increases in the number of people taking anti-depressant medication - in fact in America the rate of antidepressant drug treatment increased more than four times between early 1990s and early 2000. When questioned as to what people are genuinely looking for from their life, surprisingly it is not the fast car or big bank balance they are really craving, it is actually happiness and peace of mind.

Could there be a more natural way of helping us find that peace of mind, take time out fly fishermen improve our health?  Everyone agrees that there are key benefits to being outdoors in the fresh air fly fishermen enjoying the countryside.  Add to that the sound of a babbling river gently meandering along or the calm lapping of a lake against the shore or your boat with  bird sounds all around and it sounds like the perfect recipe for a meditation CD!

Yet this environment with all its goodness is available to us all and fly fishermen twigged this a long time ago fly fishermen and  fly fisherwomen  regularly report the therapeutic benefits of being in these calm beautiful surroundings as the perfect anti-dote to the stresses of day to day life.  They crave being by the river or lake and whilst it’s great to catch a fish, it is actually more about just being in the zone!   Have you ever had a chat with an angler?  Have you noticed how ‘chilled’ they are as individuals by the water's edge?  They might talk about the  big one that they caught last week but equally they will talk about the beautiful countryside where they were fishing with nature all  around them.

When did you last take some time out for you to ‘stop smell the roses’ as they say? Have you taken stock of your local countryside, river bank or lake?  We are blessed with some amazing countryside all around us and for people who live in towns/cities there are often hidden gems nearby such as a restored canal or country park. You would be amazed if you knew what nature was around you - under your very nose - if you simply looked.

If you were to add fly fishing to the pot, you are well on your way to becoming very happy indeed.

The very action of fly fishing could almost be classed as meditation practice with the rhythmic casting action back and fore. When you are concentrating on your cast, you really cannot think of anything else.  So there is no denying it is definitely a way of calming down that ‘monkey mind’ that normally would be jumping from one demanding topic to another!

So why not consider fly fishing as a way of taking care of yourself, whilst having some fun?

When you add up all the fly fishing factors together , lovely peaceful environment / nature / casting action / enjoyment you have the formula for great health benefits that include;  reduced stress levels, lowering of blood pressure and a calmer mind to name a few. Psychologists agree that by giving ourselves some ‘me time’ we gain new perspective on our day to day challenges and are better able to cope with our life demands.

It sounds that really we should all give fly fishing a go because, when you think about it, we’ve nothing to lose but lots to gain!

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