Fly Fishing for Bass

Let’s take a look at an interesting species which can be taken in fly fishing, the bass. There are two main kinds: the large mouthed bass (micropterus salmoides); and the small mouthed bass (micropterus dolomieu). Widely distributed throughout the United States of America, bass are regarded as being the most sporting of fish. Not only have they been successfully introduced into some South African dams, but they have also provided good sport in Spain.

Each species can be distinguished one from the other by, understandably enough, their mouths. The large mouthed one has an upper jaw which extends beyond the eye, whereas the smaller one’s mouth ends just below the eye.  Although sometimes found in the same water, as a general rule the large mouthed inhabits the warmer waters of muddy lakes and slow rivers. The small mouthed type prefers big, clear lakes and rivers which are faster-flowing. An experienced bass fisherman can tell which species they have on their line from how tenaciously the bass puts up a fight, the small-mouthed one thought to be the scrappier fighter of the two. Both species are fearsome predators. They will feed on a wide variety of creatures, from fish and frogs and inspects and even birds. Large bass, for example, can be tempted to the surface of the water to snap up creatures like bees and beetles.

In the case of fly fishing for bass, the expression “all mouth and no trousers” might rightfully be regarded as a compliment rather than an insult.

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