Fly fishing brown trout: 3

In fly fishing for brown trout you will naturally need to learn their eating habits.

Salmo trutta is widely regarded as the sneakiest, wily and wary of the trout class. The reason for this is because of its particular feeding habits. In the early stages of life, the fish tends to be a little less shy and will rise to surface-hatching insects more frequently and aggressively. But as they mature, they become much more characteristically wary and stick to nocturnal feeding in a much more strategic, less reactionary, way.

In the main brown trout enjoy finding and devouring insects, crustaceans, and smaller fish mostly at dusk and at night. Many anglers going after rainbow trout have been quite surprised when they land not only the big rainbow they thought they’d hooked, but also the 22-inch brown trout that happened to be happily devouring the rainbow when it decided to take the fly. For the most part, be aware when you are fly fishing that the most voracious feeding happens under cloak of night when nocturnal brown trout are start to cruise the river banks for large terrestrial insects, smaller fish, stray mice, and other small creatures.

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