Fly Fishing Argentina 5

The Rivadavia is quite possibly the jewel in the crown of Argentine fly fishing. Considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, it flows from Lago Rivadavia five miles until it reaches Lago (Lake) Verde.  The fishing here is certainly challenging but also rewarding. The fish average over 18 inches and pull like bulldozers!

Those who have fished here are always excited about their next trip, because of the beauty and the numbers of fish they can see and sight fish to.  The water is crystal clear. However, casting can be a challenge at times because the banks are lined with beech trees and fallen logs. A good way to hook up is by sight fishing with small nymphs. You can also fish large dries over the logs or chuck streamers under the tree-lined banks to entice large brown trout.

One really exciting spot for sight fishing is a spring creek that flows into the Rivadavia. This river is the favorite choice for most experienced anglers because of its challenges, its beauty, and the opportunities it affords for superb fly fishing for rainbows, browns, brook trout, and landlocked salmon.

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