Fly Fishing Argentina 4

One great region to go fly fishing is Los Alerces National Park, which was developed formed to protect one the last stands of giant sequoia trees, Los Alerces, in Patagonia.  These trees are amongst the oldest in the world. The park covers more than 500,000 acres and contains over two dozen rivers and lakes. Most of the park is untouched owing to the limited access its eastern edge. The ecosystem is valdivian rainforest, which is very different from the rest of Argentine Patagonia.  So, really, a trip here will let you enjoy incredible scenery as well as some great fishing.

Trout have flourished here since 1964, when they were first planted. It’s possible for an angler to catch rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, and even locked salmon. The emerald coloured waters offer astounding visibility, so sight fishing is the norm. Every single fish can be spotted before you cast -  can you imagine how exciting that must be? Not only that, but if you stray from the beaten path you can be sure to catch fish that will easily swallow size four dry flies!

A truly wonderful holiday retreat for a spot of great fly fishing.

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