Family Friendly Fishing Platforms Installed

Make sure your trout flies are at the ready so you can make use of a new project which involves installing family friendly fishing venues.

The Canal & River Trust has installed family friendly fishing platforms at one of the best carp and match fisheries in the country in Daventry.

The charity, The Canal & River Trust looks after 2,000 miles of canals in England and Wales and helps to make them more accessible for all. They are funding the project which will see current fishing platforms replaced near a local sailing club at Drayton Reservoir, Daventry.

Larger platforms can be used by young people and inexperienced fishermen so they can get some help and advice from older, more experienced anglers the charity claimed in the Daventry Express.

Anglers who are already experienced can go with friends and family and have space for their kit, John Ellis, national fisheries and angling manager for the Canal & River Trust claimed.

The charity has encouraged new people to take up fishing for a while, having previously held introduction of fishing days and encourages local fishing groups to use local canals and rivers and embrace new people who are interested in taking up fishing.

It has also supported local groups to stop illegal fishing in local waters, and provides some help and tips to anglers who are fishing in English and Welsh rivers and canals so they can make the most of their local area.

For more information on the work of the charity The Canal & River Trust visit its website

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