Double Handed Overhead Cast 2

You’ve got your fly fishing tackle set up, you’ve positioned your hands and the rod correctly for the double handed cast…Now, lift and accelerate the rod smoothly backwards with the right hand. At the same time push the left hand forward to flex the rod. During this movement the your right arm will rise and the right hand will move up towards your right ear. To achieve maximum thrust apply it between the 10.30 and 12.30 positions. At that point the rod is stopped.

Allow the rod to drift to 2.00 or slightly further while the line is extending behind you. Once fully extended, the line will tension against the rod tip. You should feel this as the moment to begin your forward cast.

To make the forward cast, simultaneously push your right hand forward and pull the left hand in towards the body. Here you are bringing the rod butt up below your arm so that the handle is lies along the same plane as your fully extended right arm. Stop the rod movement at 10.00. At this point the line will extend forward. Take care so as not to jerk the forward stroke. Remember that every casting stroke is a smooth acceleration followed by a stop.

And, naturally, make sure you’ve got the correct fly fishing tackle for the job – we touched on this subject in earlier blogs.

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