Create Perfect Fly Line Bite Identification

Bite identification is critical to fly fishermen, often we have watched and realised that people have not even noticed bites because of either poor eyesight of poor bite indicators  being used.  So here is a top tip for bite identification and it will cost you very little!

So you may have spent £20 or you may have spend £75 or more on a fly line, please don’t worry this technique will improve your catch ratios and hook-ups. All you need is a dark coloured permanent marker pen (or light coloured pen if the fly line is dark coloured).

Put a thick piece of paper on a table then starting at the tip of the fly line mark with a permanent marker with a line about 3cm long and then leave a 3cm gap. Don’t worry about precise measurements, key is that the lines and gap size increase as you get further from the tip!

Next do a 4cm line with a 4cm gap. Next a 5 cm line with a 5cm gap. Increase the line thickness to about 7cm with 7 cm gaps and continue marking the line for the first 20 feet of the line from the tip.

Using this technique your fly line will become a massive bite indicator. If it wears off during the season simply clean the line with soapy water and re-apply the permanent marker pen.


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