Christmas Gift Helpline!

Friday, 13 December 2019  |  Sarah

Do you fall into one of these categories:

  1. you need to find a Christmas gift for a fly tyer or angler but don't know where to start?
  2. you don't do Christmas but you need some materials, flies or gear to carry you through this time of year?
  3. you want to make sure that if Aunty Nelly is buying you a gift again this year, you want to make sure its what you would actually like/use/appreciate?  (Got enough smellies and socks eh?)

Then read on as we can help!

1. Christmas gift helpline!  Call 01757 333003

Our friendly team are available in store and on the phone to suggest or make gift recommendations.  We have gifts to suit all budgets from fly collections, fly boxes, tying material selections, through to rods, reels and more!

2. You need materials and gear to carry you through.....

It is worth getting stocked up ready to make sure your tying time or fishing trips are well covered! 
Our winter fly bundles could be right up your street.....

Synthetic Peccary Now In!

These are incredible synthetic peccary quills, these the True Peccary Subs are designed for small flies. With the white, brown and chocolate colours found on true peccary and having transition bands between the colours these are an incredible substitute. Available in True or Transparent in 1mm or 0.4mm wide with a taper at the start these will enable you to create peccary flies without the hassle of soaking peccary of finding quality peccary which is scarce!

And when it comes to tying, you can absolutely rely on Nano Silk or the Semperfli waxed threads - these are now our top selling threads by a long way!  British made too!

3. You would love to get a fly fishing or tying gift that you could really use this year (rather than those socks again!)

Use Your Account Wish List !

  • Log in to your account and browse the items you desire.
  • Drill into your chosen item.
  • Under each item there is a wish list button as shown in the image below
  • Click this and it will be added to your wish list automatically
  • You can then distribute this list to your family and friends via email with a nice message!  Simple

Prefer to order over the phone?  Have a product query?

Please call 01757 333003


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