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Black Epoxy Buzzer

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Black Epoxy Buzzer A Fishing Fly


Buzzers which the Black Epoxy Buzzer imitates are midge pupa, they take their name from the buzzing noise they make when in a swarm. Buzzers hatch out on virtually every day of the year.

Our buzzers including Black Epoxy Buzzer gives a natural ribbed effect to the fly. This fly has worked wonders on stillwaters, ideally they are fished very slowly on a floating line and as long a leader as you are can use. A very slow figure-of-eight retrieve is normally best; occasionally if there is a lot of buzzer activity fairly fast stripping can work well. Quite often this will be taken on the drop.

<span itemprop="name">Black Epoxy Buzzer</span> a buzzer for trout fishing

The Black Epoxy Buzzer imitates a midge in its nymph stage ready to emerge into an adult midge. Starting life in muddy water as a bloodworm or chironomide which is blood red in color and changing into the midge as an adult. When the ready to emerge into a midge it ascends to the surface of the water, This is when we use a Black Epoxy Buzzer to imitage this stage of the midge's life. Using small Black Epoxy Buzzer does work as a natural buzzer pupa can be just a few millimetres long.

Fishing Techniques Using Black Epoxy Buzzer

<span itemprop="name">Black Epoxy Buzzer</span>

Buzzer feeding actually occurs 365 days per year!. With little weight Black Epoxy Buzzer will drop gently through the water, often used as part of a team of flies. Fished in a different ways the Black Epoxy Buzzer is a great fly when grayling & trout are feeding on buzzers / nymphs which the Black Epoxy Buzzer mimics.

<span itemprop="name">Black Epoxy Buzzer</span> fished staticThe Black Epoxy Buzzer can be fished static in 3 different ways, Bung or Thingamabobber Black Epoxy Buzzer drifting, Black Epoxy Buzzer buzzer team drifting and Black Epoxy Buzzer dry fly drifting or as it is also called using the Black Epoxy Buzzer New Zealand style.

Black Epoxy Buzzer In A New Zealand Rig or Dry Fly Drifting

<span itemprop="name">Black Epoxy Buzzer</span> drifted with a dry flyUsing a larger buoyant fly in New Zealand they developed a fishing style where a fly like a Black Epoxy Buzzer is tied to a tippet then attached to the hook bend of the large supporting fly superb when utilizing a highly buoyant fly like a heavy hackled klinkhammer, a buoyant elk hair caddis or floating the Black Epoxy Buzzer under a buoyant foam fly. The Black Epoxy Buzzer can be used as part of a team or flies at the depth fish are feeding to hunt for Brown Trout. On streams & rivers using Black Epoxy Buzzer in a a New Zealand rig rewarding as both the supporting buoyant dry fly and Black Epoxy Buzzer act as lures and simultaneously present fishing flies at surface and underwater catching trout at all stages of feeding. The top fly also acts well as a bite indicator even in faster waters if well hackled.

Drifting a team of Buzzers Including Black Epoxy Buzzer

<span itemprop="name">Black Epoxy Buzzer</span>Drifting a team of Buzzers Including <span itemprop="name">Black Epoxy Buzzer</span>The Black Epoxy Buzzer can be used as part of a team of multiple trout fishing flies. The Black Epoxy Buzzer and other buzzers / nymphs or Black Epoxy Buzzer in different colours and sizes. The leader with droppers can be used with a floating flyline and the Black Epoxy Buzzer and other fishing flies can be allowed to drift with the wind and current. This moves the flyline and therefore drifts the Black Epoxy Buzzer slowly like the natural buzzer the Black Epoxy Buzzer imitates.

Drifting A Black Epoxy Buzzer With A Thingamabobber or Bung

<span itemprop="name">Black Epoxy Buzzer</span> drifted with a Thingamabobber or bungThe Black Epoxy Buzzer can be used as part of a team of flies and drifted under a Thingamabobber or a bung. Typically buzzers like Black Epoxy Buzzer and other buzzers in different sizes or colours can be used, for example tr size 12, 14 and 16 buzzers with the largest as point fly. Using a buoyant fly fishing team like this with Black Epoxy Buzzer is successful on both reservoirs and rivers. On rivers utlizing a Thingamabobber works well as it provides buouancy holding the Black Epoxy Buzzer at a fixed depth in the feeding zoneand can act as a tremendous bite indicator on turbulent or rapid waters with the Thingamabobber drifting with both the wind and the current. Upstream mends can ensure that the drift with the Black Epoxy Buzzer is smooth or that the team with the Black Epoxy Buzzer can be held on riffles and creases in the stream.

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Cant wait to use it..
Sunday, 8 July 2012  | 

On time and as ordered..cant wait to use it..if it would only stop raining!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010  | 

Top quality flies, very happy with my order will be shopping at essential again with confidence

Black Buzzer
Saturday, 30 May 2009  | 

Exellent product, most effective at Hanningfield Res.

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