2014 Best Fly Fishing Wading Gear

When wading, you have to have faith in your wading gear.  Nothing worse than leaky or uncomfortable waders/boots and its always advisable to use a wading staff and then there are all the other important pieces of kit!  So it is fair to say they are a key element of our sport! As with everything there are a vast range of prices and qualities of gear available to the fly fisherman. Here are our winners.


Prestige St Zip-Front Chest Waders Rubber Boots

Best all Round Wading Gear for Brooks, Rivers & Streams Prestige St Zip-Front Chest Waders Rubber Boots

Our winner! These waders are superb, we loved the extras like the free lumber support but it was the quality of the manufacturing, great zips, re-enforcement and quality. From when we first put these waders on we loved these. More Details

2nd Place! When we looked at the new Volare range from Wychwood which actually arrived at the end of 2014 we had to get our hands on it immediately. The Volare Wading Staff was one of these items, we really think this is the best wading staff we have used. What we adored was the design with the internal steel wire which stops it getting stuck in mud and clay and falling apart causing us problems while wading as traditional elasticated wading staffs have been known to do so. 

3rd  Place went to the new Leeda Magnetic scoop net, with a  built in magnet this attaches to the D ring and can be clipped and used quickly. With net lanyard and magnet all in one this is stunning value and a great new design from Wychwood.

4th Place! We all get muddy and one of the biggest moans from partners of the team is dirty cars after fishing. The Wychwood wading bag is great for car and kit protection and changing at the bank.

5th Place! We did lots of walking around rivers this year and loved the Snowbee Prestige Nubuck Wading boots. Real quality and comfortable for walking and wading. We loved that these are 'proper' boots with plenty of grip from the screw in studs.


1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place Leeda Magnetic Scoop Net

Scoop Net

4th4th Place
5th Place
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