2014 Best Stillwater Nymph Fly Patterns

When judging patterns we looked at our success with nymphs ie what lifted fish and how frequently. We had great success with foam beetles but mainly September and October, Corixa were successful around the margins in late May and June and again in September and October, however we considered nymphs that produced  throughout the year.

Best 2014 Best Stillwater Nymph Fly Patterns - Barbless Inferno Bug - Red Hot Spot

One new pattern that we introduced this year has out fished any other nymph pattern, indeed over the past few weeks this outfished other nymph patterns dramatically. With their UV Semperfli Intense Fly Tying Beads, peacock herl bodies and Semperfli Inferno Goose Biots there are lots of trigger points which have lifted fish readily. Diawl Bach is always a tremendous fly and this has worked for us all year.

Margin fishing with damsels has always been productive and Rainbows and Brownies love these big food items in stillwaters along reeds. For us our most successful Damsel was the Living Nymph.

I don't know how many years the Green Beadhead Montana has been in our fly box.  It has always been successful and again this year!

GRHE Flashback was another great fly for us this year as usual, a fly with a long history this has always been productive.




1st Place

Barbless Inferno Bug - Red Hot Spot

2nd Place

Diawl Bach Holo Red

3rd Place

Barbless Damsel Living Olive Nymph

4th Place

Bead Head Green Montana Short Shank

Bead Head Green Montana Short Shank

5th Place

Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hares Ear GRHE Flashback


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