2014 Best Stillwater Lure & Streamer Fly Patterns

Sometimes lures are the only way to attract fish. Some fly fishermen love big marabou flies, personally we prefer smaller lures, particularly imitative flies that imitate fry.

Best 2014 Best Stillwater Nymph Fly Patterns - Barbless Cats Straggle JC Mini Lure

Our Cats Straggle Jungle Cock Mini Lure has been stunningly successful for us this year, pulling many Babies (10lb+ Rainbows and Brownies) from Roxholme and had large fish on other venues. Cats Whiskers have always proved popular, this pattern looks really 'fishy' with a superb back profile like a small fish. Our suspicion is that the Jungle Cock looks like eyes making this look like a small fry. When we need to try a lure this is first pattern out of our fly box every time.

On dull days we will swap from White Cats Whisker JC to Black and Lime Cats Whisker or if we have not had pulls on the Cats Straggle JC Mini Lure. This is our reserve fly.

This year Snakes have been used with vengeance, we have found that stripped through the water trout love this. Maybe the length holds the fly longer in the trouts vision provoking attacks. Some fishermen say they imitate leeches but we have not seen many of these in the UK. The leech works well on the drop also.

When we need to drop deep with lures we put this first onto our lines. The beadhead and large body work well and as usual our favourite Cats Whisker pattern seems always to attract fish.

Humungous is one stillwater lure that should be in every stillwater fly box. Stunning imitator or fry pull this down the margins and it always produces when fry abound.




1st Place

Barbless Cats Straggle JC Mini Lure

2nd Place

Barbless Black and Lime Cats Whisker Mini Lure

3rd Place

Andys Mini Barbless Black Snake / Leech

4th Place

Fritz Bead Head Cats Whisker Lure / Streamer

5th Place

Black / Silver Humungus


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