2014 Best Fly Rods for Stillwaters, Reservoirs & Lochs

We were looking at rods that would work for dry flies and nymphing, from bank and from boats. These are the fly rods most used and there is a vast range available.


Snowbee Geo Fly Rod

Best all Round Fly Rod for Stillwaters, Reservoirs, Lochs & Boats Snowbee GEO Fly Rod 9 Feet 6 Inches #7 4 Piece

From the minute we laid our hands on this rod we loved it. First day we caught a 11lb Rainbow on camera (see our Youtube video) and this rod with its nano technology was stunning. Lighter and with a stunning action for taming big fish this rods at 9'6" worked on boats as it was not too long and cast beautifully from the bank. More Details

For 2nd place, it has to be the Sonik SK8 XTR 9ft6 #7 Fly Fishing Rod. With ultra-high performance, nano carbon fibre fly rods with fast, yet easy to load actions, that make long distance casting easy, we found this throws a line really well. At half the price of the Snowbee this was brilliant value for money and is our backup rod on stillwaters.

3rd place went to Snowbee again, we love gadgets and switch rods have been fund for us this year, definitely allowing us to play with more casting techniques. We'll play more with this range next and re-review it.

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