2014 Best Stillwater Dry Fly Patterns

Dry flies are more fun on stillwaters, when fish are hitting dries there is nothing more satisfying. However 80% of their feeding is subsurface so we have tended to use flies when there are active hatches of midges or olives. Even when there were active hatches of midges it was the buzzer and the emerger that was more successful. IOTBB has also been successful when 'smut' flies were on the surface. Daddies worked well however we preferred daddies sub-surface where they have been highly successful. So here are our top 5 dry flies for the year.

Stimulator Orange

Best 2014 Best Stillwater Dry Fly Patterns Stimulator Orange

By far our most productive dry fly has been the orange stimulator again this year. Possibly because this is our go to fly, first out of the box with a team of buzzers suspended below however this is frequently a successful pattern. With orange in its body we have seen trout hit these and try to sink them or simply hammer the Stimulator. Whatever it is about this fly Rainbows and Brownies do seem to hit it hard and when it is not hit it is a superb bite indicator. Sedgehogs pulled through surface waves have been successful for us.

Natural dry flies that imitate real flies are Blue Winged Olive and IOTBB which is a great midge imitation. These have really worked well when there has been a hatch.

Even though snails are more prolific in September and October small foam snails have worked through the year.




1st Place

Stimulator Orange

Stimulator Orange

2nd Place

Barbless Orange Sedgehog

3rd Place


Barbless IOTBB It Ought To Be Banned!


Black Beetle Foam

5th Place

Barbless Blue Winged Olive CDC

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