2014 Best Stillwater Buzzer Fly Patterns

Our favourite flies, buzzers - always productive and these have produced our biggest fish. What is even better we use these 365 days per year as there is always a buzzer hatch even if it is only for a few minutes. So which have been most successful for us?

Best 2014 Best Stillwater Buzzer Fly Patterns - Barbless Green Flashback Blank Buster Buzzer

Buzzers, we adore them and have caught our biggest trout on them. Check any of our bags and you will find a box dedicated to buzzers, from size 8 to size 20!

So in 1st place thanks to the bright and sunny year Sandys Flashback Blank Buster Buzzers have been highly successful.

2nd place has to go to orange and green hot spots as they have proved to be amongst our most successful, especially Sandy Buzzers with the UV hotspots.

3rd place goes to new in this year Traffic Light buzzers. These have been successful flies catching some very nice trout. Purists argue over buzzer shape, straight or curved, we use both! Often size is as critical with the natural buzzers being very small, size 16 and 18 buzzers working very well. We have used size 8 buzzers successfully on the bottom of teams, especially from boats.

4th place goes to Sandys new hot spot buzzers have been deadly fished close to the surface on stillwaters like Roxholme where the Babies (10lb plus) cruised. These did really well in teams and suspended.

5th place has to be CJ's Quill Buzzer as this has been another buzzer used successfully this year.

With all of our successful buzzers they have extremely thin profiles, ribbing either real or visual like on CK's Quill buzzer. We have had far less success with 'chunky' or fatter buzzers.

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1st Place

Barbless Flashback Blank Buster Buzzer Green

2nd Place

Barbless Flashback Blank Buster Buzzer Hot Orange

3rd Place

Barbless Black Traffic Light Trout Buzzer

4th Place

Barbless Sandys Spot On Buzzer Yellow

5th Place

CJs Orange Cheek Quill Buzzer

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