2014 Best Fly Rods for Brooks, Rivers & Streams

We were looking at rods that would work for dry flies and nymphing. There are some stunning fly rods but they became too specialised so the Wychwood River & Stream 7 foot rod only got second place because we did not find it as versatile than its longer brother which won because of its complete all round flexibility.



Best all Round Fly Rod for Brooks, Rivers & Streams Wychwood River & Stream 9 Feet #4 4 Piece Fly Rod

We adored the River & Stream fly rod range the minute that they were released by Wychwood and we saw them at The Tackle & Guns show. These are real engineering and design beauties! However we then got our hands on these rods and it was love. The River & Stream 9 foot 4 weight fly rod won our award as we were able to use this on small streams and rivers for dry fly and nymphing. This rod was the best all rounder in our class. More Details

The River and stream 7 foot 3 weight was second as we loved casting dry flies on this beautiful lightweight rod. Snowbee's Classic Fly Rod 9 foot 5-6 weight rod came in 3rd as proved incredible value and an ideal starter rod for brooks, rivers and streams.

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