2014 Best Fly Reels for Brooks, Rivers & Streams

With our brook, river and stream fishing we use 2 weight to 5 weight rods and reels. We looked at all of the fly reels from design aesthetics, weight and use over our trips this year.


River & Stream #2/3 Spare Spool


Best all Round Fly Reel for Brooks, Rivers & Streams Wychwood River & Stream #2/3 Weight Fly Reel - The World's Lightest #2/3 Fly Reel

These new lightweight, river fishing reels are a marvel of modern day engineering and the envy of many. Wychwood brings to the bank a product that truly challenges the boundaries of production technology with the #2/3 reel weighing in at a staggering 50gm and is the worlds lightest fly reel. With a click drag system we were quite happy, we never needed to use a disk drag system on our river fishing. Our only wish was that Wychwood made this reel in a matt black non reflective colour which would make this reel not just incredible but world-beating for its target market, However despite our colour concerns this reel was the best all rounder in our class. More Details

The Truefly SLA (Super Large Arbour) reel had undergone new design, we loved the matt black which allowed us to avoid glint, we also loved the simple swappable cassettes however we never used this as we almost always used a floating line for our river fishing. A creditable 2nd place.

3rd place reel we gave to the Thinkfish Bold reel. Why? It was different and is helpful to anglers who have limited mobility or for disabled anglers who need to operate a reel one handed. Regardless of whether an angler is able bodied or disabled, this innovative reel certainly made it a credible entry because of its unique semi automatic retrieval and disk drag.

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3rd Place


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