2014 Best River Flylines, Leaders and Tippets

There have been some great developments and some traditional products that have been the mainstay of the fly line and tippet ranges available.  Here are our winners!


Snowbee XS Plus Thistle-Down #2-#5 fly line

Best all Round Flylines, Leaders & Tippets Snowbee XS Plus Thistle-Down #2-#5 fly line

The all new Snowbee XS Plus - Thistledown fly line has been developed using a combination of new technologies and products to produce something quite unique and exceptional on the market today. We took this out of the box the instant it arrived as we are sceptical over marketing, trying the Thisle-down on a 2 and 5 weight line, it worked. This had to win our award for the best of class as a single fly line at under £45 that could be used across our rods from 2 to 5 weight.  More Details

With no exciting new developments on tippets and leaders we looked at what went into our bags on every trip, two things appeared consistently: The Essential Fly Tapered leaders and Stroft ABR. With tens of thousands of tapered leaders sold and great reviews from Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine when launched and ongoing from many customers we had to put these in second place. Stroft was our essential nymphing line and came a very creditable 3rd place.

1st Place
Snowbee XS Plus Thistle-Down #2-#5 fly lineSnowbee XS Plus Thistle-Down #2-#5 fly line
2nd Place

5X Co-Polymer Fly Fishing Tapered Leaders 3.9lb 5X


Essential Fly Co-Polymer Fly Fishing Tapered Leaders

3rd Place

Stroft ABR - 2.2lb to 4.0lb Breaking Strain


Stroft ABR Monofilament


The Essential Fly