Barbless Cjs Orange Cheek Quill Buzzer

Barbless Cjs Orange Cheek Quill Buzzer

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CJs Orange Cheek Quill Buzzer

CJs Quill Buzzer is a typical quill pattern. Quill patterns have been available for generations. Quill buzzers work, often in the majority of difficult situations the secret lying in two area, lightness and contrast shading. The lightness of the fly allows it to be fished where the buzzers are most likely to occur and the contrast shading recreated the segmentation of the natural buzzer, hence the reason you should use these.

Quill Buzzer - Fly Tying Dressing

Fly Tying Difficulty: 5

For the more adventurous among you we have provided tying specifications for the Quill Buzzer. Remember at The Essential Fly we sell the Quill Buzzer at incredible prices with a top quality fly and service to back it up. It is certainly worth tying the Quill Buzzer yourself to understand the pleasure of catching a fish with your own tied fly, however at the price we sell flies it is only worth tying one or two Quill Buzzeras your can spend more time fishing instead of tying flies - buy volume online with us.

Hook Sizes

Medium weight wet fly size 10 to 14

Silk Thread

Black, claret, red or olive 8/0 to 12/0


Stripped peacock quill

Wing Buds

Fluorescent orange dyed turkey or goose biots

Thorax cover

Medium pearl mylar


Peacock Ice Dub or peacock herl


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