ArcticSilver Innovation AS

ArcticSilver is the story of how the combination of chronic tecnovaginitis (acute or chronic inflammation of the tendon sheath, occuring in the region of the hand, the wrist joint and forearm) and a passion for design became the start of a creative process - one that turned into a genuine fly-fishing innovation.

The combination of tireless MAC-work and long stints of fly-fishing resulted in two years of agonising chronic tenovaginitis, for the founder of the Free-Flex system, Robert Selfors. During this time and casting demonstrations Robert noted how instructors emphasized that the rod power potential lay in the butt section of the rod and Robert's focal point for designing the Flex-Free concept.

A cross-disciplinary team of experts from SINTEF (a company for the industrial and technical research and development) helped optimize the handle's construction and production techniology. Together with some of Scandinavia's most accomplished industrial designers, Actic Silver developed a new catagory of fly rods based on the Free-Flex concept.

Fly Rods

Fly Rods

The Free-Flex-System will help you relax when fly casting and fly fishing.

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