Arctic Silver GG-Compact 2.0 Fly Line MD-Intermediate #7

Arctic Silver GG-Compact 2.0 Fly Line MD-Intermediate #7
Arctic Silver GG-Compact 2.0 Fly Line MD-Intermediate #7Arctic Silver GG-Compact 2.0 Fly Line MD-Intermediate #7Arctic Silver GG-Compact 2.0 Fly Line MD-Intermediate #7
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Our Part Number:  ASCO-II-7I
Bar Code:  7090038303016
Manufacturer Part Number:  ASCO-II-7I
Brand:  Arctic Silver
Length Metric  30m
Length in Meters  30m (98 feet)
Length Imperial  98ft
Sink Rate  0.5 IPS
Head Length  8.5m / 30ft

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Arctic Silver Compact 2.0 Fly Lines

You can feel the present of the short 8.5 meter belly the instant your rod and line connect, whether you are lifting it off of the water or handling smooth transitions between different casting strokes. The short headed line with enable you to fish in even the tightest of conditions and require a minimum of energy from you to get the fly out on the water again.

Compact 2.0 Benefits:

  • Fast loading due to short belly and high line speed
  • Perfect for coastal fishing and in cramped conditions
  • Taper allows for both spey and overhead casting
  • Handling zone of 4 meter to guarantee stable flights, better balance and durability
  • Smoother transition towards the tip for better turnover and presentation
  • Ability to hold more line in the air; without losing control over loops and flights

Colour Coding

The unique colour code helps you to identify the line on your fly reel with one quick look. Each weight class has it's own colour code, which you find on both the Arctic Silver fly rods and on the running line / loop of the fly line.

Arctic Silver MicroDiameter (MD) Fly Lines

The success behind the Arctic Silver innovative fly lines is their MicroDiameter (MD) running line, which is the thinnest line available on the market!

The thin running line causes less friction against your fly rod guide rings and less wind disturbance. The MD fly line will shoot extremely efficiently and ensure longer casts with less effot.

The design of Arci Silver's fly lines provides you with what is most important when fly fishing... having the fly out in the water as much as possible!

MicroDiameter fly line benefits:

  • Effortless casting also in windy conditions
  • Longer casts due to less resistance against guides and wind
  • More line space of your fly reel

Arctic Silver currently has two single handed MicroDiameter fly lines on the market:

  • Compact 2.0 with a 8.5 meter belly
  • GreenVelevet with a 10.9 meter belly


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