All Things To All Men Hopper

All Things To All Men Hopper

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All Things To All Men Hopper - ATTAM

All Things To All Men Hopper by Ryan Houston. 3rd place in the Fly Tying Masters Round 3. What a great pattern from Ryan Houston.

Interestingly, Ryan has provided additional information about this fly. These are his comments:

The bead represents the egg sac. This fly could be a buzzer, a sedge or a daddy. It could be fished as a wet daddy even. The hackle is left full so it can be clipped under if required. It can also be used as a loch style pulling fly.

The fiery brown is a magic colour and the bead also helps dip the butt in the surface.

Well done Ryan.

Tying Specifications

HookGamakatsu Silver Buzzer
(ours are tied to our own hooks)

UTC Fire Orange

ButtA Pearl brown seed bead on nylon
RibOrange mirage
BodyFirey brown seal fur wrap to 2/3 body
Back legs4 x doubled over and knotted fiery brown micro flash or krystal hair
Front legs2 x hen pheasant knotted
ThroatHares Ear
HackleCock dyed orange and then tied long and sparse
Head Orange


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