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Paul Burgess, a mad keen flyfisher, who also happened to be a qualified engineer, set about changing the process by which modern flylines are manufactured in the late 80s. Moving away from the traditional tower system, Paul began extruding fly lines with computer controlled systems that allowed for control over production accuracy previously thought impossible.

Airflo are the worlds leading manufacturer of solvent free flylines and responsible for developing a series of innovations unparalleled by any other line manufacturer during that period. Whilst they may not have invented the flyline, innovation has been a keystone at every stage in their development, being the originators of Polyurethane coatings, creating the first welded loops, developing low stretch cores and even the worlds first density compensated flylines.

More recently, they developed an advanced range of flylines with Ridged coatings that reduce surface friction and improve shootability - each breakthrough offering a truly tangible improvement, not some invisible technology developed in the minds of the marketers.

'Green' or 'Environmentally Friendly' is something all fishing companies like to claim, and whilst Airflo are more than happy to make you aware that their coatings are kinder to the environment, it was originally the search for a polymer that didn't leach solvents, was unaffected by UV and ultimately just lasted longer that lead Airflo to pursue Polyurethane as an alternative to solvent based PVC.

The final result is what Airflo believe to be the worlds most advanced range of flylines and judging by the bandwagon they created with their continuous stream of innovation, most of their competitors would seem to agree.

Airflo is part of the BVG Airflo Group
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