Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12

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Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12
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Our Part Number:  Cal-8619-12
Bar Code:  5056544681507
Manufacturer Part Number:  8619-12
Brand:  Caledonia Flies
Pack Size  Single
Barb Type  Barbless
Hook Size  12
Fly Typical Target Species  Trout
Hook Points  1

Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12

One fly that has rolutionized many aspects of deep water trout fly fishing is the Booby fishing fly. Boobies are deadly on stillwaters both large and small. These have a unique action all of their own when retrieved in short, sharp movements.

With Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12 use a retrieve, pause, retrieve pause method. On the retrieve the Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12 sinks but on the pause it floats up because of the buoyant eyes of closed-cell foam at the head of the Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12. It is an action that is lethally attractive to rainbow trout and highly visible as the fly moves up and down. Fish the Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12 on a fast-sinking line and an ultra short leader. in this way this fly can be presented just above the bottom, where the fish are often lying during early season. This buoyancy and the tail give it a tremendous enticing action.

Fishing Tips with Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12

  • Start by Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12 deep and slow in the morning, then as the day warms up start to fish your booby higher in the water. If you are catching weed use a longer leader to keep the Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12 higher in the water.
  • Try two different different boobies including Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12 on the same cast, some days the point fly will work but on others days the the dropper catches the fish. Use a tip of mid action rod, definitely not use a soft fly rod as you will be unable to set the hook at a distance.
  • Use a non or low stretch backing to help set the hook when fishing at distance. This will help your catch rate by converting more takes into fish.Fluorocarbon is best for distance setting of hooks as it does not stretch, standard monofilament can stretch considerably.
  • Striking sideways will produce a faster direct contact rather than the traditional upward strike against the fly. Leave your line sinking for 30 seconds when fishing deep.
  • Give one big strip to create a disturbance before starting a slow figure of eight retrieve. In winter the main diet of Rainbow Trout will be fry or small black buzzers. Use a white or dark colored booby instead of a bright colored one.

The Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12 comes on a Barbless hook

The Hares Ear Booby Barbless #12 is manufactured by Caledonia Fly Company known for quality flies and workmanship.

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