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Antron Body Yarn

Antron Body Yarn£1.32   £1.10

Chadwick 477

Chadwick 477£1.68   £1.40  (1)

Fly Tying Spool Rack

Fly Tying Spool Rack£6.50  (32)

Spool rack holds 32 spools of thread and yarn

Glo Bug Egg Yarn

Glo Bug Egg Yarn£2.88   £2.40

Glo-Brite Multi Yarn No 10 Yellow

Glo-Brite Multi Yarn No 10 Yellow£1.32   £1.15

Glo-Brite Multi Yarn No 13 Green

Glo-Brite Multi Yarn No 13 Green£1.32   £1.15

Glo-Brite Multi Yarn No 14 Blue

Glo-Brite Multi Yarn No 14 Blue£1.32   £1.15

Glo-Brite Multi Yarn No 3 Crimson

Glo-Brite Multi Yarn No 3 Crimson£1.32   £1.15

Ice Yarn

Ice Yarn£3.72   £3.00

Polypropylene Floating Yarn

Polypropylene Floating Yarn£1.32   £1.25

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Black

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Black£3.96   £3.25

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Brown

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Brown£3.96   £3.25

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Ivory

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Ivory£3.96   £3.25  (1)

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Olive

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Olive£3.96   £3.25

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Orange

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Orange£3.96   £3.25

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Peacock

Pro Dub Yarn Pearl Peacock£3.96   £3.25

Pro Dub Yarn Uv Claret

Pro Dub Yarn Uv Claret£3.96   £3.25

Pro Dub Yarn Uv Golden Olive

Pro Dub Yarn Uv Golden Olive£3.96   £3.25

Pro Dub Yarn Uv Grey

Pro Dub Yarn Uv Grey£3.96   £3.25

Pro Dub Yarn Uv Rust

Pro Dub Yarn Uv Rust£3.96   £3.25

Pro Dub Yarn Uv White

Pro Dub Yarn Uv White£3.96   £3.25

Pro Dub Yarn Uv Yellow

Pro Dub Yarn Uv Yellow£3.96   £3.25

Semperfli Chadwicks 477 Substitute

Semperfli Chadwicks 477 Substitute£2.49  (7)

Semperfli Fly Tying Floss

Semperfli Fly Tying Floss£1.50  (1)

Semperfli Peeping Caddis Body Wool£1.99  (1)

Semperfli Perfect Shrimp Wool

Semperfli Perfect Shrimp Wool£1.99  (1)

Semperfli Rhyacophila Wool

Semperfli Rhyacophila Wool£2.49

Shuck Yarn Black

Shuck Yarn Black£1.75

Shuck Yarn Brown

Shuck Yarn Brown£1.75

Shuck Yarn Burgundy

Shuck Yarn Burgundy£1.75

Shuck Yarn Dun

Shuck Yarn Dun£1.75

Shuck Yarn Olive

Shuck Yarn Olive£1.75

Shuck Yarn Tan

Shuck Yarn Tan£1.75

Stonfo Fil Tek Yarn STF594

Stonfo Fil Tek Yarn STF594£3.60   £2.99

Super Stretch Floss (Flexifloss)

Super Stretch Floss (Flexifloss)£3.60   £2.99  (1)

Uni Floss Black

Uni Floss Black£1.73   £1.50

Uni Floss Bright Yellow

Uni Floss Bright Yellow£1.73   £1.50

Uni Floss Brown

Uni Floss Brown£1.73   £1.50

Uni Floss Burnt Orange

Uni Floss Burnt Orange£1.73   £1.50

Uni Floss Emerald Green

Uni Floss Emerald Green£1.73   £1.50

Uni Floss Mixed Box Box Of 20

Uni Floss Mixed Box Box Of 20£29.64   £28.99

Uni Floss Olive

Uni Floss Olive£1.73   £1.50

Uni Floss Purple

Uni Floss Purple£1.73   £1.50

Uni Floss Red

Uni Floss Red£1.73   £1.50

Uni Floss Royal Blue

Uni Floss Royal Blue£1.73   £1.50

Uni Floss Rust Orange (Gold)

Uni Floss Rust Orange (Gold)£1.73   £1.50

Uni Floss White

Uni Floss White£1.73   £1.50