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Really see how UV affects your flies

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Bug Bond Multi-LED Light (UV)

Bug Bond Multi-LED Light (UV)£18.00   £15.99

FAP Dennis the Mennis

FAP Dennis the Mennis£3.96   £2.99

FAP Flash (Flat)

FAP Flash (Flat)£3.96   £2.99

FAP Fritz

FAP Fritz£3.96   £2.99

FAP Sparkle (Twisted)

FAP Sparkle (Twisted)£3.96   £2.99

Luminous Fly Tying Tubing

Luminous Fly Tying Tubing£2.50  (3)

Sandys Hot Head Beads 4Mm

Sandys Hot Head Beads 4Mm£1.70  (2)

4mm hot head beads

Sandys Lumi Beads 4Mm Luminous Fly Tying Beads

Sandys Lumi Beads 4Mm Luminous Fly Tying Beads£1.70  (3)

4mm lumi beads deadly for sea trout - hotter than Firefly Lumi Beads!

Sparklemet Luminous

Sparklemet Luminous£3.99  (5)

UV Film

UV Film£2.88   £2.49  (1)

Veniard Edge Bright Fluorescent Sheet

Veniard Edge Bright Fluorescent Sheet£3.00   £2.49  (1)