UV Fly Tying Beads

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Rainbow Beads

Rainbow Beads£2.04   £1.70

Sandys Eye Lock & Hackle Stop

Sandys Eye Lock & Hackle Stop£0.65

Sandys "cheat" for creating eyes on flies and hackle stops for para flies for novice tyers

Sandys Hot Head Beads 4Mm

Sandys Hot Head Beads 4Mm£1.70  (2)

4mm hot head beads

Sandys Lumi Beads 4Mm Luminous Fly Tying Beads

Sandys Lumi Beads 4Mm Luminous Fly Tying Beads£1.70  (3)

4mm lumi beads deadly for sea trout - hotter than Firefly Lumi Beads!


Bead Size Recommendations For Fly Hooks

Hook Size Bead Size mm Bead Size Inches
4-8 5.0mm 1/4"
6-10 4.5mm 3/16"
8-12 4.0mm 5/32"
10-14 3.2mm 1/8"
12-16 2.8mm 7/64"
14-18 2.4mm 3/32"
16-20 2.0mm 5/64"
20-24 1.5mm 1/16"