Red Hot Power Taper Tapered Leader 10 4X 6Lb

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Red Hot Power Taper Tapered Leader 10 4X 6Lb

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Umpqua Red Hot Power Taper - Tapered Leader 4X 6lb

The Red Hot Power Taper is probably one of the neatest fly fishing accessories we have seen. This unique product is a single tapered leader which has 3 feet of milky white indicator, 2 feet of Neon Red inidcator and 5 feet of clear tapered leader, there is no other product in the market like this!. The minute we saw this in EFFTEX at the European Fly Fishing Tackle Exhibition we knew that fly fishermen would love the Umpqua Red Hot Power Taper - Tapered Leader 4X 6lb. This unique tapered leader acts like a rifle sight pointing to your dry flies or alternatively acts as a stunning bite indicator for nymphing or even a depth guage for czech nymphing or as it is called in America "High Sticking".

The 10 foot leader is the only one on the market to feature a vivid Neon Red section integrated into the taper. The first 36" of butt section is a matte-milky colour for maximum contrast. The next 24" of the butt is Hi Vis Neon Red Indicator section. When we used these we loved them, it made bite indication so easy in all different light conditions. These two colours combine to offer the highest visual contract and vibrancy of any indicator leader, and bright visual separation between butt and tippet sections. If you require a longer leader then we have experimented with a thick monofilament extending the butt to 15 feet and using Stroft on the tippet on both lakes and rivers and both worked perfectly extending th eusage of this unique product even further.

The material of the red hot power taper is an extruded co-polymer nylon leader, nylon is more buoyant than Fluorocarbon and should by nature float out of the package, a light layer of grease may be applied but should not be necessary. The buoyant characteristics may differ depending on the turbulent nature of any particular river or stream.

Umpqua Red Hot Power Taper - Tapered Leader 4X 6lb

  • For czech nymphing or high sticking depth control is simple using the white and red sections as a depth guage. It helps keep the fly at the correct depth and vary the depths and additionally acts as a superb indicator.
  • Stunning visual indicator for following leader or fly which nymphing or dry fly fishing. Even when the fly passes through different areas of light on the water you can see where the fly is quickly using the indicator to point direction
  • The Red Hot like a rifle or "gun sight" for tracking a fly in slow or stillwaters.


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Great in principle
Wednesday, 30 April 2014  | 

The intentions of the product are admirable; effortless turnover and high visibility take indicator built in. When I last use one, I realised it turns over like any other tapered leader and the red indicator is barely visible. Its expensive for what it is and I buy it because its headed in the right direction. Its not perfected by any means but its less uncomfortable to be using than bite indicators which I believe reduce fly fishing to course fishing.


Hi Paul, we use the red for both depth indication when czech nymphing and as a rifle sight which we lookdown to get the direction of where flies are on rivers to reestablish line of sight to the fly when distracted.....often happens as we get older lol