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In our rods department you will find a vast range of rods from the stunning 2 weight River and Stream 7 foot rods to the mighty Snowbee Geo with its incredible backbone. Single or double handed salmon fly rods, switch rods and rods for every venue from saltwater to reservoir, brook to spate river, small stillwater to a rod for that mighty tarpon. With Sonik, Snowbee, Wychwood fly rods here you have a range suitable for every budget and occasion.


What fly fishing rod do you need to use? It depends upon the occasion, species targetted and the venue. A small brook trout needs a very different fly rod to a large salmon on spate waters when you need to cast large and heavy tube flies . Our table below will help to guide you. If you need assistance then please telephone.

check our fly rod glossary to understand terms used to describe fly rods.

Fly Rods By Flyline Weight

Suggested Fly Fishing Rod Usage By Line Weight

Fly Rod Weight Typical Usage
#2/3/4 Stream / brooks for Brook & Brownies & Grayling
#5 Small rivers, brooks & streams for Brownies & Grayling
#6 Rivers and small lakes when fly fishing for Brown & Rainbow Trout
#7 Standard trout fly rod for Lakes, boats & reservoir for Rainbow Trout, Larger Brownies & Blue Trout, Small River Grilse Fishing
#8 Reservoir & boat rods, plus saltwater fly fishing. These rods are used for Rainbows, Larger Brownies & Blues, Salmon Grilse Fishing & saltwater species
#9 larger rivers and reservoirs fly fishing as trout, largemouth bass, pike, steelhead & salmon fly Rods
#10/11/12 Large rivers & saltwater, Salmon & Saltwater species


Fly Rod Manufacturers

Check out rods from specific manufacturers, if you know you want a Greys or Snowbee rod then check our individual departments.


Rods By Species & Rod Styles

Targetting a specific fish like a salmon or rainbow trout or want to spinning or spey casting with a 15' double hander rod? We have seperated out rods by fish targetted or fishing style to assist you,



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spare spools
Friday, 4 September 2015  |  John

very good spools for a very good reel

Chinese cock neck
Friday, 4 September 2015  |  David

Just what I required

Friday, 4 September 2015  |  Neil

Good product, very useful for flytying can recommend.

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