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7mm Ultra Realistic Stick On Eyes

7mm Ultra Realistic Stick On Eyes£4.99  (1)

Aluminium 20mm Tubes

Aluminium 20mm Tubes£6.99

Aluminium 25mm Tubes

Aluminium 25mm Tubes£6.99

Aluminium 31mm Tubes

Aluminium 31mm Tubes£6.99

Aluminium 38mm Tubes

Aluminium 38mm Tubes£6.99

Aluminium 50mm Tubes

Aluminium 50mm Tubes£6.99

Aluminium Baby Coneheads

Aluminium Baby Coneheads£6.99

Aluminium Large Coneheads

Aluminium Large Coneheads£6.99

Aluminium Medium Coneheads

Aluminium Medium Coneheads£6.99

Aluminium Small Coneheads

Aluminium Small Coneheads£6.99

Black Aluminium 14mm Tubes

Black Aluminium 14mm Tubes£6.99

Black Coneheads

Black Coneheads£6.99

Brass 14mm Tubes

Brass 14mm Tubes£6.99

Brass 20mm Tubes

Brass 20mm Tubes£6.99

Brass 25mm Tubes

Brass 25mm Tubes£6.99

Brass 31mm Tubes

Brass 31mm Tubes£6.99

Brass 38mm Tubes

Brass 38mm Tubes£6.99

Brass 50mm Tubes

Brass 50mm Tubes£6.99

Brass Large Coneheads

Brass Large Coneheads£6.99

Brass Medium Coneheads

Brass Medium Coneheads£6.99

Brass Small Coneheads

Brass Small Coneheads£6.99

Epoxy Minnows 31mm

Epoxy Minnows 31mm£19.99

Epoxy Minnows 50mm

Epoxy Minnows 50mm£19.99

Fatback Tube Fly Collection

Fatback Tube Fly Collection£25.00

Fatback Tube Fly Collection

Fatback Tube Fly Collection£25.00

Fluoro Orange Coneheads

Fluoro Orange Coneheads£6.99

Fluoro Pink Coneheads

Fluoro Pink Coneheads£6.99

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Page 1 of 2:    80 Items
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Latest Customer Reviews
Tapered leader
Tuesday, 28 October 2014  |  Derek

This is the best that I have found in 17 years of trout fly fishing. Supple, visible and turns over effortlessly. The loop attachments are just the right size making it easy to attach to fly line and tippet ends.

Good quality flies
Thursday, 23 October 2014  |  L

Very pleased with the quality of the flies. All I need to do is go fishing now.

The Essential Fly