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7mm Ultra Realistic Stick On Eyes

7mm Ultra Realistic Stick On Eyes£4.99  (1)

Aluminium 20mm Tubes

Aluminium 20mm Tubes£6.99

Aluminium 25mm Tubes

Aluminium 25mm Tubes£6.99

Aluminium 31mm Tubes

Aluminium 31mm Tubes£6.99

Aluminium 38mm Tubes

Aluminium 38mm Tubes£6.99

Aluminium 50mm Tubes

Aluminium 50mm Tubes£6.99

Aluminium Baby Coneheads

Aluminium Baby Coneheads£6.99

Aluminium Large Coneheads

Aluminium Large Coneheads£6.99

Aluminium Medium Coneheads

Aluminium Medium Coneheads£6.99

Aluminium Small Coneheads

Aluminium Small Coneheads£6.99

Black Aluminium 14mm Tubes

Black Aluminium 14mm Tubes£6.99

Black Coneheads

Black Coneheads£6.99

Brass 14mm Tubes

Brass 14mm Tubes£6.99

Brass 20mm Tubes

Brass 20mm Tubes£6.99

Brass 25mm Tubes

Brass 25mm Tubes£6.99

Brass 31mm Tubes

Brass 31mm Tubes£6.99

Brass 38mm Tubes

Brass 38mm Tubes£6.99

Brass 50mm Tubes

Brass 50mm Tubes£6.99

Brass Large Coneheads

Brass Large Coneheads£6.99

Brass Medium Coneheads

Brass Medium Coneheads£6.99

Brass Small Coneheads

Brass Small Coneheads£6.99

Epoxy Minnows 31mm

Epoxy Minnows 31mm£19.99

Epoxy Minnows 50mm

Epoxy Minnows 50mm£19.99

Fatback Tube Fly Collection

Fatback Tube Fly Collection£25.00

Fatback Tube Fly Collection

Fatback Tube Fly Collection£25.00

Fluoro Orange Coneheads

Fluoro Orange Coneheads£6.99

Fluoro Pink Coneheads

Fluoro Pink Coneheads£6.99

Latest Customer Reviews
Stroft abr
Wednesday, 19 November 2014  |  Michael

This line is fantastic, very thin for its breaking strain. Requires care ehen tying knots but it is superb. A grest German product

bug bond pro torch
Wednesday, 19 November 2014  |  Michael

This is just the thing for use with bug bond along with the
upgrade kit. no more batteries and constant source if light. Brilliant.

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