Trout Lures & Streamer flies or Trout Streamers

Where Do We Use Trout Lures & Streamer Flies?

Lures & streamer flies are primarily used on lakes and reservoirs. Often attractor patternss they may not even resemble any fish, fly or invertebrate found in the water. Attractors, lures like Consett Budgie for example are intended to trigger a Rainbow Trout's predatory nature with its' colour white, yellow and orange it works well on changing light conditions as clouds move across the sky. Other attractors like nomads are considered to imitate fish or leaches or other things depending who you speak to. Attractors like Blobs or Foam Arsed Blobs imitate nothing whatsoever! However their bright colours do stimulate bites, remember however a black blob works stunningly well as dusk arrives! Check our huge range of lures and streamers for trout.

What are Trout Streamers?

Simply a streamer fly imitates a fish and has lots of movement.

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