Trout Buzzers & Nymphs

There is a vast range of fishing flies that imitate pupae and nymphs, as usual the question if which is the best and trout buzzers or trout nymphs to use? Of course it will come down to the venue, if you are on a river then try kick sampling and looking at what is in the river, top river patterns include Caddis Fly Nymphs, Polish Woven Nymphs, Czech Nymphs, Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Montana and Stoneflies and the traditional and successful GRHE Hare's Ear and Flashback.

If you are on a stillwater then check our hatch charts to see what is likely to be hatching. On Stillwaters natural flies that will almost always be about and catch brown and rainbow trout are midges which grow and emerge from Stillwaters. All stages of the life-cycle can be imitated by Bloodworms which change into trout buzzers which we have a sucessful ranges of Buzzers including Blank Buster Buzzers and Flashback Trout Buzzers and Epoxy Buzzers / Nymphs. Once in the surface film we can imitated these by Assassin Emergers,  Blank Buster CDC Emergers and Emergers and Suspenders which to the trout look like the midge pupae ready to hatch.

Caddis Fly Nymphs will be found on both stillwater and freshwater and are usually found emerging later in the evening when trout can gorge on these large bugs. Damsel Nymphs are excellent trout flies, especially fished along the margins where Rainbow and Brown Trout hunt looking for the damsel crawling to the bank where they can emerge,  Corixa Flies, also known as water boatmen are easily spotted at the margins of lakes and stillwaters where they move about with their big "paddles" with a layer of air trapped around them.

All round patterns that are effective for trout include Crunchers, Okey Dokey Flies, Pheasant Tail Nymphs,  GRHE Hare's Ear and Flashback and one of our top flies catching nymph pattens the Diawl Bach Nymphs which seem to be a regular fly pattern to catch Brown and Rainbow Trout on stillwaters, indeed these with a selection of buzzers and bloodworm are always in our fly box.


We believe Trout buzzers are certainly one of the important flies in any stillwater fly fishermans box.  Check out of video below on using buzzers and bloodworm fishing flies for trout, it has great tips and techniques for you to use when trout buzzer fishing.

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