Trout Fly Fishing Tackle & Trout Flies

We love fishing for different species of trout ranging from cutthroat trout or brook trout to chalkstream brown trout, stocked reservoir, blue trout or stillwater rainbow trout. Different species and destinations demand different tackle and flies and you will find all you need from The Essential Fly. On a small brook you may be using a 3 weight trout rod with size 18 flies on a 1lb tapered leader, however on a large reservoirs you may be casting an 8 weight fly rod with ghost tip fly line or boat fishing using a competition drogue to stop your drift.

What is Fly Fishing?

Put simply this is the art of casting a little artificial trout fly using a weighted fly line, making it land gently on the water on or below the surface making it behave like a natural insect. It sounds easy however different flies are about at different times of the day and different flies on different months of the year. So indulging in the spot helps you become an amateur entomologist, helps you appreciate nature and puts you into some of the most amazing countryside.

Trout Fly Fishing Flies

We stock a massive range of barbless flies and microbarbed fly patterns suitable for every venue and occasion. If you need a micro dry fly size 24 for that small brook trout or a large lure or small buzzer flies strong enough to cope with Roxholme Babies or monsters from lakes and reservoirs you will find them online with The Essential Fly, all backed by our quality services and product guarantees. You will not find better quality and value for money in the market. Check the reviews from tens of thousands of fly fishermen, lakes and dealers in over 50 countries that we have supplied.


Trout Fly Fishing Tackle & Gear

Fly rods, reels, fly lines, tapered leaders, leaders with droppers, fly boxes are all stocked and delivered world-wide. We have great ranges from manufacturers including Sonik Sports, Wychwood, Cortland and Snowbee just to mention a few of the top manufacturers we partner with. Wherever you plan fishing from a small stream or brook with trout using a 2 weight rod or on a large reservoir boat fishing with an 8 weight rod you will find some superb offerings here with world-wide delivery.

Fly Fishing For Rainbow Trout

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Customer Reviews
magic heads
Monday, 3 August 2015  |  Alan

excellent product

Another satisfied Customer
Monday, 3 August 2015  |  Malcolm

Another quality fly with usual quick delivery. Thank you.

Great Fly
Thursday, 30 July 2015  |  Graham

Great service and well tyed fly. Thanks.

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