Trout Flies for Brown & Rainbow Trout

About Our Rainbow & Brown Trout Flies

We have complete trout fly selection packs or dry flies, wets, lures, buzzers & streamers for trout and help advise fly fishermen to select the correct flies for the time of year and hatches available

As a fly fisherman you may be a traditionalist who only wants to use dry flies and sticks to chalk streams going for Brown Trout, however your quarry could be Rainbow Trout at your local lake is filled with stockies so Blobs & Buzzers are your preferred choice and you may only get the odd weekend fishing between work and family commitments. Every trout fly fisherman has their own personal preferred fishing fly patterns based on water colour, species being targeted and fishing techniques used. Whatever your requirements you will find a huge selection of fishing flies in our site, we stock a vast range of fly patterns for rainbow & brown trout  with one of the best micro fly stores available. Our trout patterns are in sizes as diverse as size 2 down to micro dries sized 24.

Choosing Rainbow Trout Flies

Fly patterns for Rainbow Trout can be vibrant patterns to stimulate aggression in the fish. A fly for Rainbow Trout could be bright and vibrant like a Blob fly which can be really colourful or it can be a trout buzzer that matches the natural midge pupae coming to the surface to emerger. When we design a fly for Rainbow Trout we are working on the basis that the fish is so aggressive that it could hit the fishing fly either beacuse it is bright and vibrant or it matches naturals found in the Rainbow Trout's lake or river habitat.

Selecting Brown Trout Flies

Brown Trout are generally more selective in their choice of fishing flies. Brown trout flies often match the naturals like imitative small fish patterns or Pheasant Tail Nymphs which look like Baetis nymphs (early stage of River and Lake Olives). Alternatively we can use suggestive fly patterns. A Brown Trout fly that is suggestive could be a Gold Ribbed Hares Ear which does not match anything under the water but looks 'buggy', it looks like the typical grubs and nymphs found under the water

Which are the best Rainbow & Brown Trout Flies Patterns To Use?

That is the key question asked by every fisherman and the best trout flies to use vary by day, weather and venue. We produce hatch charts monthly for you to look at what trout flies will match the hatch and recommend trout flies from our expert knowledge if you are going to a specific venue. Feel free to contact us an talk to our team of experts.


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