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Buzzer flies hatch every day! Use Trout Buzzers as the first fly on stillwaters. Check our massive range of deadly buzzer fly patterns for Rainbow Trout.

Buzzer Fly Patterns For Sale

We believe buzzers are certainly one of the important flies in any stillwater fly fishermans box when fishing for Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. Check out our 14 minute buzzers fly fishing tactics and techniques educational video below showing you all about using buzzers fishing flies for trout, it has great tips and techniques for you to use when using buzzers for fly fishing.

Size Matters - Do small buzzer flies work?

Yes! a natural emerger is size 14 to as small as size 22. To mimic this we often start with small buzzers size 16. On the point we will often use a tungsten head or size 8 fly to allow the flies to get down in the water. Watch where the trout are feeding, in summer you will often find Trout feeding in the top 18 inches of water, we have seen them feeding in the top 3 inches and watched as fishermen caught nothing because their flies were below the feeding zones. Look at our buzzers blog post for more details

Colour of Trout Buzzers

There are lots of different midges affecting stillwaters, for example Black Midge, Large and Small Green Midges, Orange-Silver Midge, Small Brown Midge and Large Red midge, each has different hatches and changes in fly coloration to match the adult can help! Here are hatch charts for each of the variations can be seen on our Midge Hatch Details blog post. We usually start with black Trout buzzers and will try different coloured trout buzzer  patterns according to the time of year and specific midge hatches occurring.


Buzzers Hatch Frequency

What times of year do trout buzzers they hatch?

Trout Buzers Hatch Guide

Buzzer fly patterns are superb flies, check our midge family hatch frequency and guide to fishing with buzzers for more information.

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