The Essential Snaelda Fishing Fly Assortment

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The Essential Snaelda Fishing Fly Assortment

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Superb Value Package Including 6 Snaelda's



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Snaelda - Salmon Tube Fly

2 of each colour of our Snaelda, (1/2" and 1"), 8 flies in total including treble hooks ready to fish! Designed to fish all year with green, blue early season flies, red, yellow and orange for mid season and the traditional Snaelda to use all year!

The Snaelda is a salmon tube fly, as a tube fly simply thread your line through the tube and attach whatever hook you are permitted to use in the waters you are fishing. These can be fished with floating or sinking lines. The Icelanders have taken the Snaelda fly pattern to every great salmon river in the world and duplicated its success wherever they have everywhere. Larger variations of the Snaelda have resulted in enticing 30 & 40lb fish to take where others have failed.

Fishing The Snaelda

Normally the Snaelda (or any salmon fly) is casting it downstream and across. You mend the line to let the fly sink and then allow it to swing across the current towards the bank. The Snaelda will work with the microcurrents in the water and due to the long and soft wing be appear to be very much alive with significant movement. Some salmon anglers gently move the rod tip inducing even more movement into the fly.

By mending the line upstream as the Snaelda moves to decrease its speed and even make it sink a bit or alternatively mend downstream to speed it up and lift it a bit in the water column. Many salmon anglers find that the fish will strike as the speed increases and the drag in the rod is at its highest. A less traditional way of fishing the Sunaelda is to cast it upstream and letting it sink. As there is no drag from the line, the fly will sink faster. You will be able to fish a lot deeper than on the downstream swing. Remember to keep contact with the Snaelda when fishing upstream so you can set the hook if a salmon strikes the Snaelda on the almost slack line.

Probably one of the most popular salmon flies used on almost every salmon river world-wide. The fly is has become popular world-wide with the Icelandic fishermen leading the way with this superb range of flies!


Superb Value Package Including 6 Snaelda's

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