Synthetic Winging, Body & Leg Materials

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Bodyspan Spandex Elastic 5M X 0.4Mm

Bodyspan Spandex Elastic 5M X 0.4Mm£2.25

Boosted Krinkle Mirror Flash

Boosted Krinkle Mirror Flash£5.40   £4.99

Coloured Mono Body Thread

Coloured Mono Body Thread£3.99

Crystal Mirror Flash

Crystal Mirror Flash£5.16   £4.25

FAP Dennis the Mennis

FAP Dennis the Mennis£3.96   £2.99

FAP Fritz

FAP Fritz£3.96   £2.99

FAP Sparkle (Twisted)

FAP Sparkle (Twisted)£3.96   £2.99

Frankie Mcphillips Irish Sparkle Dubbing

Frankie Mcphillips Irish Sparkle Dubbing£3.96   £3.75

Frankie Mcphillips Irish Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser

Frankie Mcphillips Irish Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser£29.40   £27.90

Fulgent Fibre

Fulgent Fibre£4.68   £3.90

H2O Fishscale

H2O Fishscale£7.80   £5.99

H2O Fluoro Fibre

H2O Fluoro Fibre£4.44   £3.80

H2O Frizz Fibre

H2O Frizz Fibre£5.64   £4.80

H2O Gliss N Glow

H2O Gliss N Glow£4.44   £3.69

H2O Polar Fibre

H2O Polar Fibre£4.68   £3.99

H2O Slinky Fibre

H2O Slinky Fibre£4.44   £3.80

Hackle Magic 8Mm Black & Gold

Hackle Magic 8Mm Black & Gold£2.99

Hackle Magic 8Mm Black & Silver

Hackle Magic 8Mm Black & Silver£2.99

Hackle Magic 8Mm White & Gold

Hackle Magic 8Mm White & Gold£2.99

Hackle Magic 8Mm White & Silver

Hackle Magic 8Mm White & Silver£2.99

Krinkle Mirror Flash

Krinkle Mirror Flash£5.16   £4.30

Krystal Chenille

Krystal Chenille£2.64   £2.25

Krystal Flash

Krystal Flash£4.68   £3.99

Krystal Flash Tef Sparklemet

Krystal Flash Tef Sparklemet£2.25

Lite Brite Hanks

Lite Brite Hanks£5.28   £4.55

Luminous Fly Tying Tubing

Luminous Fly Tying Tubing£2.50

Micro Flash

Micro Flash£5.04   £4.49

Mirror Flash Standard

Mirror Flash Standard£5.04   £3.99


Mobile£2.64   £2.50

Mosaic Dynamite

Mosaic Dynamite£3.15

Mosaic Fritz

Mosaic Fritz£5.25

Mosaic Micro Fritz

Mosaic Micro Fritz£5.25

Mosaic Sporadic Fritz

Mosaic Sporadic Fritz£5.25

Multicard Brill

Multicard Brill£5.28   £4.40

Multicard Pearl Braid

Multicard Pearl Braid£5.28   £4.40

Multicard Rayon Chenille

Multicard Rayon Chenille£5.28   £4.40

Multicard Suede Chenille

Multicard Suede Chenille£5.28   £4.40

Predator Body Tube Large Black

Predator Body Tube Large Black£2.75

Predator Body Tube Large Emerald

Predator Body Tube Large Emerald£2.75

Predator Body Tube Large Opalescent

Predator Body Tube Large Opalescent£2.75

Predator Body Tube Large Perch

Predator Body Tube Large Perch£2.75

Predator Body Tube Large Pewter

Predator Body Tube Large Pewter£2.75

Predator Body Tube Large White

Predator Body Tube Large White£2.75

Predator Body Tube Medium Black

Predator Body Tube Medium Black£2.75

Predator Body Tube Medium Black & Red

Predator Body Tube Medium Black & Red£2.75

Predator Body Tube Medium Lime

Predator Body Tube Medium Lime£2.75

Predator Body Tube Medium Metallic Red

Predator Body Tube Medium Metallic Red£2.75

Predator Body Tube Medium Opalescent

Predator Body Tube Medium Opalescent£2.75